Dont Forget to Recycle!

With new technology always coming out, old technology always gets replaced. So what do you do with your devices that you no longer have use for?

Recycling is a great way to give back to the enviroment and to your local community. Its difficult to find places to recycle your items and it may even cost you money to do so, but we have you covered.

Phones break all the time and idealy you would fix them but if you cant spend the money you can recycle it. If you come to us depending on the device we might even pay you for it so we can use the parts!

So lets say you give your device to us so that we can recycle it. There are two ways that we reclyce the device. One is were we sell it to scrap refiners. Or we can fix the device and sell it so that it gets used again.

We recycle things such as iphones, samsung phones and tablets, android devices, old computers and laptops, and even hard drives.

Non Working Items still have a home.

Cell Phones Desktops Laptops Apple Computers Tablets
Iphones Old Systems Samsung Laptops Macbooks Samsung
Samsungs Dell Desktops Dell Laptops I Macs HP Tablets
Broken Phones Hp Desktops Hp Laptops Mac Pro Windows all in one
Generic Phones Generic Desktops Generic Laptops Apple Ipads Generic Tablets